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… this deep joy I felt the minute I realized that our book is available on amazon and has become a bestseller in three days!


Alongside with bestselling authors like Lisa Nichols, SARK, Christine Kloser and many more enthusiastic authors from around the world who are sharing touching, amazing and deeply inspiring stories of their trials, triumphs, and ultimate transformations. I have authored the chapter


„A Night at the Movies Can Make a Difference“


In this chapter I share my deepest beliefs and how I realized that there is so much truth in the quote by Marianne Williamson (often cited as a Nelson Mandela quote):


„Your playing small doesn’t serve the world as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same.“


The best thing is that everyone can achieve this greatness! If I can achieve it, you can achieve it, too!

I was quite successful in my job, always enjoyed working and yet something was missing. I was longing not only for success but for a fulfilled life. The only trouble was I had no idea what that was. Of course I possessed of some talents, but how should I become aware of my genius?


You go about your daily life with a fading objective, holding on to a dream that is still waiting to come true. This is what many woman go through. It is that nagging feeling of fading hopes and unfulfilled goals.


You know what you are made of and that is the reason why you are different.

You have got passion, you know that there is greatness within you and right now you are ready to do something about that passion. Your only question is:




To grab this dream and hold on to it you’ll need assistance, practical guidance from an expert who understands you. It makes total sense when you think about it. You are generally happy and you do wonder: is that all there is?


There is no reason for doubts, you don’t have to struggle. You can build a life that suits you best, just by following a proven path. Prepare to be inspired beyond belief when you start to experience this kind of coaching.




In the long run a woman’s nature can only be satisfied with no less than with the opportunity to change the world for the better: become the conqueror of your own world.


I am so grateful being where I am right now. My life wasn’t always like that. Today I am living in a wonderful house, I am travelling the world, I am married, have a daughter and enjoy being a transformational coach. I have time on my own to enjoy life and to live a fantastic lifestyle. I have tons of time for our daughter and love to be a role model for her as well as for my clients. And can you imagine what fun it is to share the excitement of being a co-author with my own daughter?


I am very humbled cause I started my working career with an apprenticeship at a German automotive manufacturer as I am born and raised in Germany. After passing the final secondary-school examinations most of my classmates started to study and I started this apprenticeship. It felt somehow wrong. I always had the idea that something special was waiting for me but I had no idea how my life could turn up right.




As described in my chapter I was lucky enough to work for really inspiring and also well-known people and I knew I could learn so much from them. After some time I asked myself: is that all there is? Then, one day, I decided not only to study economics but to start a second career in the same company and I succeeded. I made my way to a financial director at a manufacturing plant of Volkswagen. I loved this job and got my personal proof that it is possible to be successful and human at the same time. I will always be thankful for this experience.


And is that all there is? The minute our daughter was born I realized that it was time for a change. I always loved to work in the corporate world. Deep down inside I knew I was seeking to get it all to live a fulfilled life.




Today I have abundance: I travel the world, I am aware of my gifts and talents and use my skills as a transformational coach and on top I became recently a bestselling author alongside with inspiring and like-minded people.


I know all of this is available for you and even more importantly that is something you desire, too. And I know that these desires are not special in me to live a great life, to provide an important contribution within the world and to get paid for this contribution. I am totally convinced that every woman is able to reveal her own genius and that every genius is needed to make the world a better place.




to take this journey with me. I am going to show you how I did it. I am going to show you the best pieces I needed to transform my mindset, how I managed to accomplish new insights. I love to support you on the way because I am so glad to share my knowledge with you, to inspire you and I know the most joyful way to transform your life and enjoy your greatness. So let’s take the journey together.




I realized that there are so many women around fighting on their own to find their path. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There a certain ways a woman becomes her greatest self and how she can own her genius. I know how hard it can be to gain this clarity. I can remember times I had more questions than answers. Today I know how to reveal the answers that make me feel serene and powerful at the same time. I will show you how not to live someone else’s dream and not to do what you have already done in the past but to pull the uniqueness from you and to enjoy your own greatness.




What a joy to discover the own greatness. And then imagine you are going to get paid for it. This represents a huge difference. The moment you get paid for your genius will be like ripples in a pond and all will understand your way forward. I started with a simple apprenticeship I wasn’t very keen on and I know if it is possible for me, it is possible for every woman.



Could this be related to you?


  • you want to be empowered to start the life you deserve
  • you want to enjoy the impact only a woman can have
  • you want to overcome some of your belief systems
  • you want more clarity on your next steps
  • you want new solutions for your deepest obstacles
  • you want to discover your genius
  • you want to work on your mindset
  • you want to change your wealth-consciousness
  • you want to fall in love with your life
  • you want to enjoy your power and your serenity at the same time




You are longing for a change in your life and you have noticed that it is not that easy to walk the path all on your own. Everybody who is unhappy or feels empty has spent the majority of their lives looking outside of themselves to make this go away. We have been conditioned into believing that we have to do something out here to change this. And that is the reason why some people confuse pleasure with happiness.

You are different:


  • you want to close the gap between how you appear to the world and how you really feel inside
  • you experienced all different emotions
  • you can predict many feelings and many events
  • you realize that this behavior stops you from learning new things
  • you want to evolve personally and professionally


What you really want is freedom.

A freedom that is coming from within you.


A one-day-intensive with me is where you‘ll get my 1:1 guidance and support for 6 hours. I‘ll share with you my expert-knowledge, my support, tools and confidence to start excavating the things that are still hidden inside of you and want so dearly to leak out.


Starting at this point means you are getting ready to get paid for your genius, bringing in the money you desire and having the impact you are longing for. At the end of our special day together you‘ll have clarity on your next steps and an action plan for you to take home.




Please use my e-mail to arrange your FREE discovery session. The purpose of this discovery call is to find out where you are right now and which obstacles and challenges are holding you back to start the future you deeply desire. I‘ll share with you my expertise and we‘ll find out if a collaboration would be a fit for both sides.


A discovery session


  • is complimentary
  • one-to-one with me
  • a discovery session lasts approximately 30 minutes
  • you can chose between German and English
  • a session is typically conducted over Skype





When we decide to work together I‘ll send you a questionnaire. This gives to most of my clients more clarity and already some new insights. And I‘ll receive the required information to tailor my program according to your needs to make this day as fruitful as possible for you.


And at the end of our one-day-intensive you‘ll not only feel more serene, you‘ll have much more confidence and clarity and an action plan to give you security for your next steps.




As I have described above and as you can read in my free chapter it took me some time to excavate my own genius. I always loved my work. Regardless of the job I enjoyed to overcome challenges and to work together with interesting and inspiring people. To find the right path took me some time to be honest. As it wasn‘t that easy for myself I have a great deal of understanding for my clients and a variety of possibilities to get you to the top.

This work is sacred to me. I know it is possible for you to achieve what you desire.

It is my pleasure to provide you with my expert-knowledge to get you started!


Investment:   $ 4.000 or € 3.000




Andrea can be contacted at, either for

  • further information or to discuss a possible coaching package
  • her free chapter „A Night at the Movies Can Make a Difference“
  • or a free 30 Minute Discovery Session (either in German or English)




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